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2021 Employee Experience Trends

Since pandemic hit us in 2020, the way the world works, lives and relates has profoundly shifted, maybe for good. And yet in a time of organisational disruption and physical separation, employee engagement has grown.

“2021 Employee Experience Trends”, a report published by Qualtrics was an eye-opener of sorts. The study examined more than 11,800 full-time employees across 20 countries.

Learnings from the report include emerging drivers of employee engagement, the importance of taking action on feedback, and key actions HR leaders can take to improve the experience for their people going into 2021. 

But the most important question CEOs and HR teams grapple with is: How do we measure employee engagement?

The Qualtrics study makes it clear. It says: engagement is a composite score of five main factors: 

1. Discretionary effort – the desire to go above and beyond

2. Pride in work and the organization

3. Advocacy for the organization

4. Feelings of accomplishment from work 5. Intention to stay

Download Qualtrics Report:2021 Employee Experience Trends

The feedback-action gap

Employees feel that acting on feedback matters more than ever. But companies aren’t closing the gap between feedback and action, the survey observes.

Only 7% felt that their employer acted on feedback “extremely well”.

“Employees aren’t getting the chance to give feedback as much as they would like. And when they do, organizations aren’t acting on it,” the survey notes.

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By: Venkat Nanduri

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