Joseph Thompson




Few technology professionals in the world possess as much in-depth knowledge of SAP Public Sector leading practices as Joe Thompson. As a one-time SAP Product Manager, he was deeply involved in designing the SAP Public Sector solutions available today. As our Director of Quality Assurance, Joe is charged with the planning, development, and direction of Phoenix Quality Assurance policies, programs, and initiatives. Joe is currently working with SAP Germany to ensure the S/4 HANA cloud version has the required Public Sector functionality. During his tenure at SAP, Joe successfully executed many quality assurance reviews of SAP for Public Sector projects throughout the United States and around the world. His broad knowledge of, and experience with, U.S. Public Sector fiscal and integration requirements ensure the reviews he undertakes on behalf of our clients provide the most value.

Personal Information:

Early in his career, Mr. Thompson joined SAP Labs with a vision to integrate SAP solutions to support Public Sector accounting and control. Simultaneously, he initiated efforts aimed at improving SAP for Public Sector implementations, including developing and teaching the SAP Public Services Academy and related SAP for Public Sector “Best Practices” for U.S. fiscal accounting and control integration.

In his work with Phoenix, Joe remains a steadfast advocate for proper integration and use of SAP in accordance with SAP Best and Leading Practices.

Apart from SAP Best and Leading Practices, golf is Joe’s other passion. Joe has played golf most of his life and even named his eldest son after the professional he considers the greatest golfer of all-time: The Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus. Joe’s dream round of golf? To play at the Augusta National Golf Club in a foursome with the three professionals who have won the most Masters green jackets: Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer.

As trusted partners for our clients, we are always forthright in our approach and focused on solutions that will work best for them in the long run.”