E-Invoicing for AR Invoices (India)

A fully automated and reportable e-invoicing solution for India B2B AR Invoices.

The e-invoicing solution allows organizations to fully automate the mandatory e-Invoicing process set forth by the Government of India. As you process the AR Invoices, it is a cumbersome and manual effort to download each document one by one, upload it to the GST portal, download the response and upload it back to the ByDesign portal to be able to post the invoice. Now, with this solution, the end-user can automate all these steps and remove the possibility of human errors from this entire process.

Solution Scope

This add-on solution is relevant for the AR Invoices posted in the system. You will need to maintain credentials with an E-Invoicing intermediary. All the standard AR invoices for materials and services (or originating from the projects) will be included in this process and are required to be posted to the GST portal for IRN & QR code generation.

Benefits for your Organization

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