Manage the Sales Commission & Incentive program

The Sales Commissions add-on allows the user to define commission plans, recipients, and agreements while tracking commissions due. The user can then create supplier invoices to payout those commissions in a single unified platform.

Solution Scope

The user will first define the product to be paid. We use this to track commissions payable, and automatic the creation of the supplier invoice layer. You define the recipients, which can be any supplier or employee. Comments can be attached as notes to the recipient, which is great for tracking purposes of the associated data. Once the recipients have been defined, the user is then going to define the plans via two configuration options (quota based and transaction based). As an example, a quota based is the first 100 units commission rate is 5% while over 100 units is 10%. We can then define this as a product category or product ID.

Once these steps have been performed, the user can then take commission recipients and recipient plans and subsequently create commission agreements. We can associate a specific plan for a specific year to a relevant employee and we assign an agreement document to the arrangement. We can create notes as well which is great for audit ability in case the agreement ever needs to be changed in the future.

Key Advantages:

  1. Single unified platform for tracking and paying commissions
  2. Agreements/arrangements can be updated at any time

Phoenix Business Consulting has created the Sales Commissions add-on solution in SAP Business ByDesign as a cost-effective solution to achieve the process shown above.

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