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Registration is NOW OPEN: eDiscovery Workshop 2021

Registration is now OPEN

We are back with eDiscovery Customized Workshop 2021. 

As you may know, we conduct a FREE Discovery Customized Workshop at the end of a calendar year. 

Owing to the pandemic, this time we’re conducting an eDiscovery Workshop customized to your specific needs and challenges. The outcome of this digital workshop is to make your company robust and future-ready to take on the brave, new technology world of 2021 and beyond.  

eDiscovery Workshop 2021 Agenda

  1. How to take charge of your company in 2021 with Intelligent Cloud ERP 
  2. A quick assessment of your current technology landscape
  3. How to analyze custom developments and functional enhancements for 2021
  4. Resolving any apparent issues at the workshop — a clear plan of action


A Practical Gold Guide: Your growth blueprint in 2021 and beyond

Registration is NOW OPEN – It’s FREE!

Our Customer Stories

One of our clients wanted to upgrade to S/4HANA but did not know how to go about it, how to apportion cost of services and the impact on the existing license structure.

As part of our customer service engagement, we provided free of charge demos and a discovery session with them. Given our 20 years of experience, we understood their pain points and advised them on what would be the return if they upgraded to S/4HANA. We saved them a lot of consulting hours because we were able to share with them the standard functionalities that come from S/4HANA.

Another example

One of our clients was struggling with the volume of invoices not getting paid. There were several factors causing this issue — from misplaced invoices to failure in processing a 3-way-match. Because of our strategic alignment with this client, we were able to advise them to look at 3rd party solution that would work well with SAP. From demonstration to license cost negotiation, we were able to help the client save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

All these were the result of the eDiscovery Workshop we conducted with them.

Phoenix has a team of 100+ functional and subject matter experts with varied experience across verticals and geographies.

Allow us to help fuel your 2021 business growth. Let me know your convenient date/time for the eDiscovery Workshop.

Look forward to hearing from you.

By: Venkat Nanduri

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