SAP Ariba Catalog

The SAP Ariba Catalog solution combines simplified, consumer-like shopping with a sophisticated procurement process. It gives your employees a user-friendly catalog and shopping cart functionality so they can easily buy what they need. Buyers get advanced content management tools to efficiently validate and sort the best of what their suppliers offer. SAP Ariba Catalog can increase procurement visibility and control while gaining greater operational flexibility, repeatable cost savings, and compliant processes. This cloud-based offering defines, validates, and enriches catalog content with enterprise-grade content management tools to give procurement professionals an easier way to get what they need. At the same time, you can meet the expectations of the C-suite, such as lower risk, lower total cost of ownership, and a rapid return on investment.

Procurement managers need greater compliance and control while driving down costs and raising profit margins. To succeed, you need tools to make more insightful purchasing decisions. A simplified and centralized procurement catalog helps companies realize the outcomes leadership wants and expects. With the SAP Ariba Catalog solution, you can achieve these objectives and more.

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Benefits of SAP Ariba Catalog

  • Better procurement visibility and control
  • Greater operational flexibility
  • Repeatable cost savings
  • More-compliant processes
  • Lower risk and cost of ownership
  • Simplify and centralize purchasing with consistent processes and e-procurement
  • Enforce compliance with purchasing policies and prices
  • Drive higher profitability through lower costs and increased margins
  • Make more-insightful purchasing decisions based on greater visibility