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When a butterfly flaps its wings…

Watch or read the news for five minutes, and we realize we’re living in chaotic times.

Uncertainty looms large everywhere.  

For today’s Tuesday Thoughts, let’s set aside the more current and tragic topic of hostile takeovers and reflect a bit on COVID-19.

I’ll explain why in a second.

The butterfly effect of the pandemic across industry sectors has been well-documented. After all, it’s such a clear demonstration of how a small interference within a complex system can affect its dynamics far and wide.

Did you know? 

Researchers are still pondering: Could a single change somewhere in the chain have reversed or mitigated the macro-level consequences of the pandemic?

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Again, why am I talking about this?

Because, even at a microcosmic level, these are the kind of questions today’s HR leaders need to be asking so they can build the high-functioning teams that businesses need.

Because, truth be told, today, powering through the brutal uncertainty is the only way forward for businesses.

HR is not a supporting function

In a highly uncertain world, HR is no longer a supporting function; it is the linchpin that pulls an organization through the crisis hour.

HR leaders today need to ask bigger and better questions to arrive at paradigm-changing solutions. They need to take bolder decisions and act on the fly to mitigate risks that have long-term repercussions.

So, the butterfly effect is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. Incessant small changes can produce the metaphorical typhoon. 

A small tweak can have huge impact. 

Exceptional human experiences

None of this is possible without data. And I don’t just mean push-button data.

I’m talking about real-time, intelligent and proactive insights that drive both exceptional human experiences and organization-wide benefits.

HXM solutions, like SAP SuccessFactors, are a great starting point for any company that plans to use its employee base to expand to new and increasingly volatile markets.

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By: Venkat Nanduri

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