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Why fix it if it ain’t broken?

If the disruption of the last two years has taught us anything, it’s that today’s market is no place for a business that’s unwilling to adapt, transform and keep on its toes.

Most of us would agree, right?

Unfortunately, when it comes to employee experience, for most companies, this thinking does not translate. Agility is all good when it comes to frontline sales, marketing and core functions. But we often tend to miss out on human capital management in the digital transformation equation.

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After all, if your employees look happy and act happy, everything is good, right?

Why change something that’s working well?

 I’ll give you three reasons.

1. The workforce fabric has changed. With the entry of Gen-Z in the workforce in massive numbers, your workforce has officially evolved into a more socially conscious, digitally savvy, and diverse group where employee experience matters above anything else. There’s no room for a rigid and conventional HCM set-up in this ecosystem.

2. Gig work is here to stay. To attract, onboard and retain global talent that’s a mix of regular and gig workers, your technology must be fluid enough to accommodate all types of work arrangements, but stringent enough in terms of regulatory control and compliance. Conventional HCM technology cannot give you this flexibility.

3. Intelligence can make or break leaders. In a world governed by disruption, your workforce is your #1 competitive advantage. HR leaders need access to real-time insights to understand and respond to employee needs and experience gaps to keep them resilient and productive at all times.

In all my years of experience, I’ve seen plenty of instances that outline the connection between employee experience and financial performance. If you’re looking to bolster that connection, SAP SuccessFactors is your best bet. It is your strongest enabler in managing a workforce in challenging times with outstanding productivity and results.

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By: Venkat Nanduri

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